This guide will explain in detail how to get the Highland Sword in Chivalry 2

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This guide will explain in detail how to get the Highland Sword in Chivalry 2

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With tons of weapons and loads of customization options, Chivalry 2 gives the adventurer an action-packed experience. There are all sorts of weapons in the game with many specific to a certain class. This guide will explain in detail how to get the Highland Sword in Chivalry 2.

How to Unlock the Highland Sword in Chivalry 2
The Vanguard Devastator is one of the tank classes in Chivalry 2 that focuses on big swings with heavy two-handed weapons. So it follows that the hefty Highland Sword would be given to that class, but not for the inexperienced. Players who want to use the Highland Sword in battle will have to level up their Vanguard character to at least level 20.

Chivalry 2 Highland Sword Stats
Highland Sword is a very powerful weapon, but the power does come at a cost. This sword, just like other two-handed swords is quite heavy and due to that reason, it has relatively longer windup and recovery times.

The damage stats for the Highland Sword are as follows.

Light Attacks

65 damage for Slashes
85 damage for Overhead Attacks
40 damage for Stabs

Heavy Attacks

85 damage for Slashes
100 damage for Overhead Attacks
60 damage for Stabs

Special Attacks

60 damage for Spin Attack
100 damage for Sprint Attack

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